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Becoming successful is like throwing your goat into a pit of hungry spiders -- there's a lot of screaming but the rewards are handsome.
Join wealth-ccomplished entrepreneurs, Bridge Stuart (@BridgeofStuart) & Dustin Taylor Hahn (@DutMcgraw), as they traverse the vast landscape of success.

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Mar 27, 2020

"States rights?! What about human rights? Let the humans have their rights, why are we giving rights to states?"


HUGE Announcements from Dustin and Bridge!!

In this episode, we discuss:

• How to Start Fresh as the World Comes Crashing Down.

• Swallowing All Your Pills. 

• Digging Holes for the Future.

• New...

Mar 16, 2020

"There is zero evidence that says asbestos actually hurts you. It's all a con paid for by The Wall Industry."


In this episode, we discuss:

• Turning Fear into Fun.

• Female CEOs

• Exotic Fish Meals.

• Finding the Escapes Convicts Before they Get All the Children.


Kelly Kelly is played by Hayley O'Conner -...

Mar 2, 2020

20: Manifesting with Dr. Reality

"I feel a constant intense burning inside, close to my heart, at all times. And my left arm tingles...That's called passion."

In this episode, we discuss:

• How to Wear Your Suit Correctly.

• Taking People Behind Closed Doors and Frightening Them.

• Putting Someone to Sleep.